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We established the “Sahaay” m Health intervention in 2013; a MSM-dedicated helpline whose main goal was to increase access to comprehensive, community-based HIV prevention services and improve knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of MSM towards HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) in three states of India (Chhattisgarh, Delhi, and Maharashtra).The helpline provided a 24x7 confidential and easy to use interactive voice response system (IVRS) to callers.To help bring you some sanity, here are nine ways to cope with the most irritating texting dilemmas humanly imaginable. When you want to show off that you’re out with your friends and totally didn’t just spend the entire time dissecting your text exchange so far. ” and “Did you really just spend seven hours in a Target? When you’re worried you’ve made it obvious that you’ve fantasized about eating an entire sushi dinner off this person’s body.Sending a photo of whatever you’re currently doing with your friends (THAT INVOLVES NO PART OF YOUR ANATOMY) drives the point home that you are independent and fascinating, naturally. Neither one of you should be totally dominating the conversation. If they really like you, they’ll respond to “So, what did you do the rest of the weekend?

You’ll gain the same level of emotional fulfillment from an unattainable celebrity crush or a small cactus.

The helpline received more than 100,000 calls from 39,800 callers during the first nine months of operation.

The helpline maintained an operational uptime of 99.81% (6450/6462 hours); and answered more than 81.33% (83,050/102,115) of all calls.

The sex-specific molecular markers identified in this study are useful tools to assess the reproductive status of the Yesso scallop.

Systems of sex differentiation and phenotypic stability of sex have evolved into diverse forms in molluskan species and often show species-specific features.

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