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When I started writing Ask a Guy, I had no idea that it would take off like it has.

I am grateful to have such loyal readers who contribute great questions to me.

Jessica Raymond, BSc, is Love Learnings senior editor.

You have all said wonderful and appreciative things to me since I started Ask a Guy and I am deeply and sincerely grateful and appreciative to have your support.

To make your life a bit easier, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 dating and relationship websites.

These sites are, generally speaking, run by honest folks who are more interested in your well-being than their pocketbooks.

Or why a guy was interested one minute, then lost interest seemingly for no reason. , Guy Won’t Call You His Girlfriend, Boyfriend Won’t Update Relationship Status on Facebook or Myspace, Am I Wasting My Time?

So to help out everyone who I am not able to answer directly or immediately, I’ve written up a list of the most frequently asked questions and quick and simple answers (as well as links to full posts I’ve written on the subject.) Relationships are messy at times – even for those of us that like things clean (no drama). Having a good relationship means continuing to love (the verb form of love) actively throughout the good times, bad times and normal times. a behavior, a statement an action and try to figure out what it means about her relationship. , The Reason Why He Won’t Call You His Girlfriend (from a female prospective) The most common types of questions all boil down to amateur detective work on why a guy didn’t do what the girl wanted him to. On a similar topic, you’ll want to read how to know if a guy is playing you. Here’s my very best on how to seduce and man and turn him on: How To Seduce A Man and How To Turn A Man On…

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    If you find yourself being able to speak your mind and being at peace with it, then it means that you are mature enough to get into a relationship with The One.

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