Air force officers dating

It also had the effect of knocking him out of training just a few days short of graduation and professionally damaging him long before a single charge had been filed.According to trial testimony and sworn statements included in Turpiano’s post-trial request for clemency, OSI investigators intimidated witnesses, coercing statements implicating Turpiano in misconduct.It also recommended more than 40 additional charges of varying severity based on the same alleged underlying conduct. But by the time an Article 32 hearing was held in September of that year, prosecutors had decided the evidence – much of it rumor and hearsay squeezed out of coerced witnesses – was too weak to sustain all but a handful of the recommended charges.Turpiano would eventually face an inquiry on two counts of sexual misconduct and several separate counts of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman.These are odd investigative choices if OSI and Lt Col Huisman indeed considered Turpiano a sex predator so dangerous that he needed to be physically and professionally isolated from his teammates.The final OSI report, filed in January of 2014, recommended Turpiano be charged with six counts of sexual misconduct against six different women.

After a volatile few weeks of dating, the two parted ways.Those summoned to interview with OSI who offered positive or supportive remarks about him were sometimes threatened with criminal charges themselves and warned they could be imprisoned for failure to cooperate.Rather than simply interview witnesses, agents told them Turpiano was a “rapist” and a “criminal” before demanding they write down anything negative they could recall.He repeated over and over that I was in trouble.” A third said “[t]he agent questioning me threatened me with a charge of Obstruction of Justice if I did not talk to them and tell them exactly what they wanted to hear.” she was advised of her rights.She repeatedly requested counsel both before and after rights advisement and was denied access to counsel by the agents.

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