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The following year, the company formed a charter subsidiary named Kenya Flamingo Airlines, which leased aircraft from the parent airline in order to operate international passenger and cargo services.the airline had 2,100 employees and a fleet of three Boeing 707-320Bs, one Boeing 720B, one DC-9-30 and three Fokker F-27-200s.Gold Elite and Platinum Elite members of the Flying Blue programme are offered the JV Lounge.Different in-flight entertainment is available depending upon the aircraft and the class travelled.In a complex deal, stakeholders agreed to convert close to half a billion US dollars in loans to equity, changing the ownership structure.The government of Kenya, the biggest lender, saw its holdings rise from 29.8% to 48.9% while that of KLM was diluted from 26.7% down to 7.8%.

and African Cargo Handling Limited are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Kenya Airways.Following the allocation of shares, KLM increased their stake in the company from 26% to 26.73%, while the Kenyan government boosted their participation into the company from 23% to 29.8%, becoming the largest shareholder.The rapid expansion of the fleet and routes (dubbed "Project Mawingu") was cited as the primary cause of the downturn.Fuel-price hedging and the 1996 agreement with KLM, considered intrusive in the running of the flag carrier, took secondary blame.Corrective measures were taken to improve the financial and operational position of the airline and avert insolvency.

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