Alison mosshart dating jack white

It seems that this hugely subjective label is now increasingly applied to almost all collectives formed of relatively famous band members on their day, month or year off.The latest and most lauded in quite some time are The Dead Weather, who pitch their circus tent and climb the highwire of hype with a band formed out of a Raconteurs gig gone wrong.The result, released next week, is a double A-side single, ‘Gastown’ / ‘River Song’.Continue reading Gone are the days when the term ‘supergroup’ was remotely meaningful and applied to such goldmines of talent as Crosby, Stills & Nash or Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

That’s not the kind of offer one would turn down lightly, so Jessica and Katherine packed their bags and flew out to Tennessee in September to work with Mr White (drums, production) and his right-hand man Jack Lawrence (bass).

Sure, the raven-haired Mosshart looks appropriately tough, but a second persona appears as she peels off the rock-star veneer. If I were in a band in sixth grade I would have called it The Banana Republic Club. I stayed with them, and Jamie lived upstairs with this unpredictably difficult kid called Simon, who once got wasted on whiskey and started waving a big bread knife at me and talking nonsense.

The tour for The Kills’ third album, (Domino), ended only days earlier, and she has just gotten off a flight from Japan. I expressed an interest to Jamie in working with him.

You will probably have heard the story already, but in case you haven’t, a redux: Jack White lost his voice and Alison Mosshart of The Kills stepped up to fill in on the mic; out of this sprang the idea for The Dead Weather in which Ms Mosshart assumes the role of frontwoman while White ditches the guitar and takes rather successfully to the drums.

Enter fellow Ractonteur Jack Lawrence and Dean Fertita of Queens Of The Stone Age on bass and guitar respectively, and a new musical entity was born.

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