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) this is a picture of me at the piano at about that age: when i was about 10, i wrote my first musical.

it was about four suburban girls who decided they were fundamentally misunderstood.

I had written a parody/protest song inspired by the production called “June is Busting Out all Over” and the director, Steve Bogart (who was, for the record, directing this schlock against his will) asked me to perform it. i tried to take lessons again in high school from a man who prompty seduced me and though i let myself be seduced i quit that, too. i was always disgusted with my lack of self-discipline and later, when i was in college (college….) i created a performance piece using the raw material from these tapes.

songs about drugs (which i wouldn’t try for many years to come), boys (with whom i also had limited success), and the illusions of reality (think: what a clever young 9-year-old!i wrote the lyrics in lined composition books and sometimes recorded with my four track and dreamed that one day, when i was grown up and famous, that someone would find them interesting for posterity’s is a page from my first composition book: (this song was called “aphrodisiac” i threw it away, because it was pretty bad) my first real public appearance as a songwriter was in the high school auditorium as the intermission act of the Rogers and Hammerstein muscial “Carousel”. i took lessons with a woman for a few years when i was about ten and quit, because i didn’t like her. i came up with infinitely more ideas for songs than i ever had the discipline to fully write, and i would record these ideas into a tape recorder i kept on the piano.i started fooling around with the older, dangerous, drug-dealing men that lurked in lexington center and conjured enough inspiration to write songs that managed to touch on the love-sex-and-angst that my musical heroes seemed to write about.(by now, i was 14 or 15 and listening fanatically to the cure, yaz and depeche mode).

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