Anyone dating special operations

He has not even told Brenda about his heart attack or that he wears a pacemaker. Michael Tao often tells him to "take it easy" when he gets agitated or stressed from the job, often confusing his colleagues.The timing of him accepting the Deputy Chief position could have come at a better time considering his health.Brenda eventually learns from Pope that Fritz, who has been irritable and annoyed with Brenda lately, has been offered a promotion in Washington, DC to command of the FBI's Critical Incident Response Team.Fritz later admits that after going to rehab, he thought that he would never get offered a promotion again, but was wrong.

He is later officially given the position after Brenda is put onto the short list for the possible future Chief of Police. citizen who was supposed to give a testimony in federal court over illegal drug trafficking committed by his cousin but because the victim had not yet testified, he was not under federal protection.

He is also told that he should think about retiring or taking disability leave because going back to work could possibly risk his life.

He ignores these suggestions and returns to work wearing a pacemaker and eating blood thinners to reduce the clotting in his arteries, though he keeps this secret from all but Tao.

Provenza making snide comments about looking for clues and Fritz kissing the diplomat's ass.

However, when the diplomat goes too far, Fritz loses his temper and threatens to have him deported despite threats to his job.

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