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Meanwhile, Net Smart Company published some figures showing that 58% of new internet users are women.

Therefore, we see that the number of women who use the Internet is increasing rapidly. Only few studies and statistic cover the use of Internet by women in the Arab World.

Both women are agreed that using internet helped them to understand women issues around the world.

Rapid and successive developments in telecommunications and information technology have opened new horizons for individuals all over the world irrespective of their societies, cultures and scientific potentials.

This is a comparative study which compares the use of internet of the UAE and Omani women.

The study conducted between 2007- 2008 and it’s a descriptive study that aims to describe and investigate the way that Arab women use the internet in two countries (the UAE and Oman).

3- Woman’s use of the Internet increased her awareness of her social issues.

For Arab societies, Gulf Arab countries score higher in the use of the Internet.

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This study is investigating the online attitudes and behaviors of Arab women using the internet, case study is UAE and Omani women.

There is also a lack in studies that cover the issues of women and technology, including the use of the Internet.

2- The results and conclusions of the study and the facts that would help in understanding the use of the Internet by an important segment of the Arab Society, i.e. 3- This study would open new horizons for scientific research in the Arab society and the differences and similarities in women’s use of the Internet in the Arab World.

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