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The story is worth a read, the only qualm I have with it is that the authors cite Andy Nicholson as AM’s current bass player, and as we well know, Nick O’ Malley has been the band’s bass player since 2006.The article serves the purpose of paying homage to the band and giving the non-die-hard fanbase a little more background about them in the days leading up to their performances at Lollapalooza and House of Blues.The band has released four albums, and the later three stray far from their much acclaimed debut.Alex Turner explains: “There is that naivete that you get with first songs you write,” he said.[Verse 1] I just wanted to be one of The Strokes Now look at the mess you made me make Hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase Miles away from any half-useful imaginary highway I'm a big name in deep space, ask your mates But golden boy's in bad shape I found out the hard way that Here ain't no place for dolls like you and me Everybody's on a barge Floating down the endless stream of great TV 1984, 2019 [Pre-Chorus 1] Maybe I was a little too wild in the '70s Rocket-ship grease down the cracks of my knuckles Karate bandana, warp speed chic Hair down to there, impressive moustache Love came in a bottle with a twist-off cap Let's all have a swig and do a hot lap [Chorus] So who you gonna call?The Martini Police Baby, that isn't how they look tonight, oh no It took the light forever to get to your eyes [Verse 2] I just wanted to be one of those ghosts You thought that you could forget And then I haunt you via the rear view mirror On a long drive from the back seat But it's alright, 'cause you love me And you recognise that it ain't how it should be Your eyes are heavy and the weather's getting ugly So pull over, I know the place Don't you know an apparition is a cheap date?Kane has joined the AMs on stage for “505.” (See the video embedded above.) According to Contact Music, Turner said: “No one’s ever been bold enough to ask it outright ever before.And no, he hasn’t asked us.” Jamie Cook added: “If he did ask though, we probably would let him.” Alex then replied: “Yeah, we would in a second.

British fans were especially impressed with Turner's thickly-accented vocals and pointed lyrical style, which commented on British youth culture and mores. S.) The second single, "When the Sun Goes Down," was also a U. Nick O' Malley, another Sheffieldian who'd played with the Dodgems, filled in on tour and soon became a permanent menter.

”—and a pitch-perfect nod to Dylan (“Don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters”) all in one.

read the rest HERE New City Music, a website based in Chicago, has just published an excellent essay on the Arctic Monkeys, chronicling their early success, their breakthrough debut (which sold more copies in its first week than any other record in British history).

[Pre-Chorus 2] Oh, maybe I was a little too wild in the '70s Back down to earth with a lounge singer shimmer Elevator down to my make-believe residency From the honeymoon suite Two shows a day, four nights a week Easy money [Chorus] So who you gonna call? The Martini Police Oh, baby, that isn't how they look tonight It took the light absolutely forever to get to your eyes [Outro] And as we gaze skyward, ain't it dark early?

It's the star treatment Yeah, and as we gaze skyward, ain't it dark early?

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