Avast 6 is not updating portfoliodating com

What I SHOULD have done is just ignored it and waited for it to resolve on its own.

In fact I think I'll do just that if the updates should stall again. Avast version 7 and 8 are still supported and being updated.

Back to Avast 7, what SHOULD happen is a pop-up message saying your version of Avast is no longer supported, or at the very least, give an alert your definitions are out of date.

As-is this puts Avast 7 and 8 users at risk of infection! My Avast 7 has finally updated its definitions to "170223-0" (Feb 23, 2017).

On February 17th no update came, and stayed stuck on version "170216-0" for straight!

Newer definitions were coming through for Avast 9 and higher, so it appeared something was wrong here.

I did a custom install and only installed the File System Shield and the Web Shield--none of the other (what I consider to be) crapware.

The system appears to run just as it did when I had Avast Free version 7 installed--as I noted, this is my testbed system and I wanted to see how a more current version of Avast Free would run.

I first encountered a problem on February 13th, Avast was popped up with an alert, on two machines, saying my database was out of date.Did they announce it elsewhere, or have a sudden change of heart?Before I update to version 11, which is bloatware--filled with popup ads and slows my computers to a crawl, I'd like to hear if anyone else is having problems with Avast 7. I would like to get this resolved ASAP, I don't like leaving my machines unprotected.Avast is still running, but its virus definitions are stuck at '170216-0' (Feb. If I try selecting a manual update, it reports "Already up to date (current version 170216-0)".I next tried downloading the Avast VPS exe from the official site, and get the same type of message.

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