Bailey hand plane dating

I knew I was getting a plastic knob and tote with this model, but I hope my grandson will still want it when I am gone.Most of the pain in getting off tool marks and putting on a mirror surface is a one-time event.The plane iron had a significant belly in it that resisted flattening until I tapped in a bit of a reverse curve.

If anyone without experience were to go pick it up and try to take off mill marks from my jointer, they would find it up for the task.I tried tempering the chip breaker to stiffen it, but i don't think there is enough carbon content in the steel as it didn't help much.I ended up buying the Veritas chip breaker and polished the top side of the frog and that did the trick. All together I've put a lot of hours and money into this thing.It features a fully machined and polished double-iron cutter and lever, and the 2" wide cutter is made from hardened, tempered steel for durability.The solid brass cutter-adjustment knob allows precise control of depth and alignment, and the frog seat is machined for precise mouth adjustment. Contoured, polished high-impact polymer handles and knobs offer comfort and durability. Features: I recently purchased this model, and within 2 hours while was also grilling chicken, I had this set up and functioning ideally.

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