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30jun18-- Asleep at the switch I missed a capture of the only automobile I've ever seen is this beautiful square. I had the 'live-cam' on but was touring in Street View.

Headers, dual exhaust, large cfm carburetor, performance ignition and increased compression of 10.25:1 and above are required. Use with standard manual transmission or automatic with high stall torque converter.

Intended for performance hot street/strip and performance marine applications, these profiles have a moderate lope at idle and offer an extended rpm range with emphasis on upper bottom to top end power and a strong mid-range.

These higher lift, longer duration camshafts demand close attention to rear end gearing and tire diameter combinations.

Increased compression (9.5:1) is recommended for maximum output.

Aftermarket torque converter with slightly higher stall speed is recommended because stock factory converters do not allow the engine to provide adequate idle speed and off idle performance.

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