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Lesson Three: Stop being so f*$king hard on yourself. It's time to open your eyes and see the world of amazing you have to offer. How to destroy your approach anxiety and put fear in it's correct place. BONUS 2: Understand yourself better with a personal, in-depth personality evaluation.

You will learn how to successfully approach hot women without even thinking about it. Seriously, how many stunning girls would you approach if you didn't care what she said? With this awesome information, you can deal with all sorts of challenges such as loneliness, social anxiety, worry, and stress.

I stopped the next night, my sleep was a nightmare but I pushed through and I won.

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As I always want to increase my impact and have more people in my programs, his techniques on sales helped me to increase the number of people entering to the next step as part of my paid programs with 20% already in one month.

Now however I know that it wont and that I can get through without it, each time it is a little easier and I feel more powerful for it. I would listen to the audios and would feel great but couldn’t sleep, so the pattern continued, but when I nearly finished the second bottle and did what Craig did a left a mouthful, so I could honestly say “I don’t drink 2 bottles”When two bottles nearly became 3 and I still couldn’t sleep.

The problem I have now is that I have been craving sweets and have been hiding the chocolate biscuits and donuts instead of the alcohol. I was determined and I picked up the book again, with all my post it note tags, on the pages that related to me; I decided that this was enough.

I love the straight forward approach, knowledge is power, and I would recommend to anyone who needed help with this issue. His books are definitely worth a read and he has an inspiring story ✅🙏 10/10Finally pulled back the curtain and revealed the evil clown!

Craig has been changing people’s lives for years with his extremely insightful and well presented instructions and advice. Alcohol has ruined my family for generations, now, with Craig’s knowledge, my sister and I can see it for what it is and in turn teach our children that we may stop the devastation! Craig has become my friend instead of the wine bottle.

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