Brian regan dating anyone

He didn't like it when I grew up and began telling jokes in a funner way than he did. There was this competitive rivalry, but he was a very, very funny man. Sure enough, when I saw Woody perform standup, Jim Croce opened the show.BR: It’s interesting you say that because I've always been intrigued by people who don't want other people to be funny. I know to get out of the way when somebody else's being funny. BR: I saw Don Rickles here in Las Vegas, and I think he had a singer open for him who did Sinatra types of songs.I don’t frown of profanity on stage; Richard Pryor was one of the best damn comedians that ever lived, but he worked blue. I’d be cheating if I did it, so I don’t like to do it.SM: Before performing them before an audience, who are your joke guinea pigs? My parents are both very funny people and they laugh great.I don’t want to be on stage just hand-delivering to people what they want.I want to be on stage telling them what I want to say.

” Case in point: Why would anyone in their right mind want to work for an airline’s lost luggage department? (I'm dating myself.) Johnny Carson had one year left before he was done. I don't throw around the term that much, but in this case it was definitely one of those deals. BR: It’s my New Year’s resolution this year to get down to 185 pounds. I think it’s a self-conscious thing to have my shirt-tail out.

You hear the label a “clean' comic' and automatically one thinks of sanitized stand-up for children. I find that audiences sometimes laugh disproportionately at words or topics.

They love hearing someone say a four-letter-word through a sound system.

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