Cameron diaz and justin timberlake dating hot dating magazine

But, in recent weeks, they have been spotted on several dates in LA, according to reports. It told how Timberlake was seen waiting in a car outside a sushi restaurant while Diaz was inside picking up a late-night takeaway.At 30, Diaz is eight years older than singer Timberlake, who went solo after quitting boyband *N Sync."She is the single-handedly most significant person in my life," Timberlake told Vanity Fair in June even though they weren't publicly back together. Since then, Timberlake and Biel have continued to be their adorable selves on the rare occasions we see them in public together. Things were so low-key with the couple, it was pretty much a shock to hear they were engaged when the news broke on Jan. 19, 2012 in Italy, where Biel wore a pink Giambattista Valli gown and Timberlake serenaded Biel with a newly-written song.

They were later seen cozying up at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.Select ' OK' to allow Oath and our partners to use your data, or ' Manage options' to review our partners and your choices.He has smooched Britney, groped Kylie and is touring with Christina Aguilera. The latest lady to succumb to his charms is Cameron Diaz.They were first seen together in April at an awards show, before heading to a LA nightclub to party together.

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