Can you be friends before dating

"You can say, 'I love our friendship, and thanks for being open with me.

I respect that [you don't feel the same way] and I’d still love to be friends and hang out if you are okay with that.'" There are challenges in any relationship, but friends-first couples may experience some additional hurdles.

If you've been thinking about sharing your "more-than-friends" feelings with someone you care about, read on to determine whether it's worth the risk.

Before blurting out "I love you" to one of your buds, it's important to think everything through.

At the same time, be prepared to learn new things about each other and see each other in a completely new light.

Sometimes, the line between friendship and romance is a little blurry.

"Transitioning from friendship into romance can be absolutely wonderful and can have great benefits," Dr. "Being friends means you genuinely like each other, you have seen each other at your best and worst, and you trust each other.

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"It was one of the most difficult things I ever had to say to someone." For the record, it is possible to be friends with an ex."It may sound a bit cold, but with so much at stake, running a cost/benefit analysis on your potential romantic involvement with a friend before you confess your feelings can be really helpful."She continues, "If you do decide to go ahead and pursue romance with a friend, it's very important to not get too attached to a positive outcome.You may get lucky and find out that your friend reciprocates your romantic feelings; but it's just as likely that he or she isn't interested in anything beyond friendship."Of course, it's helpful if you have an inclination whether your friend has feelings for you, too. Sue Varma, a board-certified psychiatrist and couples and sex therapist on faculty at NYU Langone (@doctorsuevarma on social media), warns that some signs are up for interpretation."Relationships based in friendship already have a solid base." That being said, it's always going to be a risk, so if you're thinking about dating a friend, then it's important to be sure that you're ready for the consequences.It's important to remember that the criteria for friendship doesn't always line up to the criteria you have for someone you want to be in a relationship with.

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