Cannon dating nick rihanna excuses for not dating someone

I’m pretty sure Steve Harvey is feeling some way about this situation. I don’t care how much money or clout this man may have.

No man 2x’s his senior shouldn’t be dating a 21 year old. Sean Combs (Puffy, Diddy) son Christian Combs was dating Lori Harvey first!

Following his party in NYC, Nick Cannon marked his 30th birthday with a second sweet celebration at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Hundreds of guests left on a sugar high after indulging in the open candy bar.

One thing is clear about these two: They just love nightlife. (Does anyone anywhere ever worry about Chris Brown anymore? The circle closes here with their date night to watch Team USA take on the Dominican Republic last night at Madison Square Garden.

They were out late the night before at the Griffin, though they left separately despite Drake’s (alleged) attempts otherwise. If this Instagram is any indication, he may be looking to consummate soon.

Consider the fact that these are real people, throw in Chris Brown’s other sometimes-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and we’re left with an epic love square. Last week the gossipmongers of the Mirror threw out the idea that perhaps Chris Brown had reconciled or was attempting to reconcile with Rihanna by attending one of her shows in Pasadena, California.

There was no proof that they spoke to each other, but Brown showing up at the Rose Bowl was enough to ignite the rumors. She attended the Drake and Lil Wayne show in Queens, New York, on Tuesday alongside Wayne’s entourage.

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In years past, they have taken over Disneyland to commemorate the day. It’s hard to pick his most iconic role, but you probably remember him from Seventh Heaven or Party of Five or 10 Things I Hate About You.The tabloid says Chris had been “texting her loads since he got out of prison last month,” but apparently it was all for naught because Rihanna is back with Aubrey Drake Graham! If this video is any indication, she had a spectacular time.She doesn’t merely sway along and groove with the music; her entire body appears to have been gripped with a force so strong that she can’t help but throw herself around along with the beat. Perhaps her drastic motion is what has Klay Thompson (in the New York area for USA Basketball) looking so perturbed.A source told to the Wild ‘n Out host that nick is having a laugh over it.“Nick is laughing over the fact that people are making such a big deal over his Instagram comment to Rihanna,” “Nick is awfully flirty and thinks her absolutely beautiful, but he didn’t apprehend that so many people would pay attention.

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