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Prestige goods are even rarer but include axes, adzes, and daggers; wooden or stone bowls; projectile points; and needles.

Some microscopic plant residue evidence suggests that flowers and fruit may have been included in some of the burials, and some were buried with textile shrouds or baskets.

The decorations are generally confined to the bench/burial part of main rooms.

They include murals, paintwork and plaster images on walls and plastered posts.

They included ovens, hearths, and pits, raised floors, platforms, and benches.

The benches and platforms were generally on the eastern and northern walls of the rooms, and they generally contained complex burials.

Mellaart classed the buildings into two groups: residential structures and shrines, using internal decoration as an indicator of a given room's religious importance.

For decades, scholars surmised that the people living on the East Mound abandoned it to build the new city which became the West Mound, but the significant overlap of occupation has been identified since 2018.The top of the mound towers some 70 ft (21 mt) above the Neolithic ground surface on which it was founded, a huge stack made up of centuries of building and rebuilding structures in the same location.It has received the most archaeological attention, and radiocarbon dates associated with its occupation date between 7400–6200 BCE.Hodder began work at the site in 1993 and still continues to this day: his Çatalhöyük Research Project is a multinational and multidisciplinary project with many innovative components.Çatalhöyük's two tells—the East and West Mounds—include an area of about 91 acres (37 hectares), located on either side of a relict channel of the Çarsamba River, about 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) above mean sea level.

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