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He is raised by humans on land and thus doesn't realize his real heritage.

But when he reaches puberty in his 13th year, instead of hair, he starts growing fins and scales on his arms and legs.

He goes to Jess for help, who agrees to figure out what is going on with him as long as Cody teaches him to swim in return.Jess runs various tests, learning Cody can generate electricity, climb walls (like Spider-Man), talk to fish, swim extremely fast, and when sometimes wet, scales appear on his hands and arms. Despite all the odd things happening to him, as well as the objection of his adoptive parents when they find out, Cody decides to attend the swim meet.He not only wins the meet and beats his teammate Sean, but breaks the state speed record, with his scales appearing.In addition, the fact that the boy realizes that he is half fish is a metaphor for the human connection with the ecosystem around us. We, like the boy, must surrender to this connection and live in harmony.The plot is open ended, leaving the possibility that it could be followed by another film or possibly a TV series.

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