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Single Sport is the leading ski specialist for solo ski holidays and snowboarder holidays since 2001.We offer the opportunity for singles and solo travellers to ski and snowboard in several of Europe’s top ski resorts and usually one holiday in North America too. Some of our members are single but many have partners at home who do not share their love of sport.We do not travel every week because we try to have larger groups (20-80 single/solo skiers and snowboarders) to enable you to find like-minded friends who ski or apres or sun just the way you do, this opportunity would be limited in smaller groups. Sport is a great leveller and we find that friendships have more to do with sporting ability than age, until it’s time to go out at night and that’s very different! About 60% of guests are repeats and so they will introduce newcomers to friends they met in previous years.By going to lessons you get to meet guests staying in other chalets who ski exactly the way you do and who you can free ski with at your pace after the lesson.On 8 June 2019 we will be in Croatia and on 28 September 2019 we will be in Turkey. Before we leave the UK you will get a list of guests on your holiday so you can introduce yourself to those who live nearby and may share a car to the airport and parking costs if you are on the same flight.

Almost all the rooms we offer are twins with en suite facilities rather than triples and quads that many companies use.

Booking a solo ski holiday can be a risky business and everyone has different criteria and different levels of experience and expectations.

Some people fly every day of the week on business whilst others may never have booked their own flight before.

Single Sport respects that you want to choose how you spend your holiday.

We therefore provide different types of ski and snowboard holidays.

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