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Large areas of Florida were closed to Jewish settlement.Orlando's Jewish com- munity was excluded from a war bond rally in 1917.Marcia Zerivitz spent six years II, Jewish history in Florida actually can be traced to 1763 with the arrival of Alexander Solomons, Joseph de Palacios and Samuel Israel in Pensacola. building courtesy of the Micanopy Historical Society Archives © 2000 Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources ISBN: 1-889030-20-1 Contents The Jewish Experience in Florida 2 Northwest Florida 5 Northeast Florida 10 Central and Central East Florida 17 Central West and Southwest Florida 23 Timeline Of Some Significant Dates In Florida Jewish History 28 Ybor City Walking Tour 29 Map of Sites 30 Southeast Florida 32 Jews in Public Office 41 Glossary 44 On the Cover: The Hebrew inscription reads, "Why is this book different from all other books." The photos on the seder plate are 1. Jews have prospered and left legacies that will forever help to define the character of Florida.In the 1800s, many Jewish families immigrated to Florida from northern states and foreign countries to settle both inland and along the coast. However, these outstanding achieve- ments and contributions to Florida have a dark side - one of prejudice and discrimination.From this, the MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida exhibit was mounted and traveled to 11 Florida cities, then nationally, from world. Heimovics, Freelance Writer, Maitland; Marcia Zerivitz, Founding Executive Director, Sanford L. However, persecution and prejudice still made their lives difficult and limited their choices in employment and settlement opportunities.

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Soon the focus of MOSAIC was broadened to cover the entire state. ■■j The Jewish Experience In Florida Cultural Clashes The Jewish experience in Florida has been rich in achievements and successes.

Although the new American Florida offered more opportunities, persecu- tion, hatred and discrimination followed the Jews from their native lands to Florida.

As the numbers of Jews increased in Florida, so did the number of discriminatory acts against them.

Today, South Florida is home to the second largest concentration of Jews in the crisscrossing Florida, traveling more than 100,000 miles, researching, collecting photos, documents and artifacts, and training volunteers in oral histories and the collection of historic materials. In early Spanish Florida, Jews and other non-Catho- lics were prohibited from legally settling in Florida and practicing their religion.

Hundreds of people contributed photographs and artifacts from their families. Following England's acquisition of Florida in 1763, Jews were free to settle legally in Florida.

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