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This annual decision is usually influenced by the tax advantages a company may obtain from filing a consolidated versus unconsolidated income statement for a tax year.Public companies usually choose to create consolidated or unconsolidated financial statements for a longer period of time.The decision to file consolidated financial statements with subsidiaries is usually made on a year to year basis and often chosen because of tax or other advantages that arise.The criteria for filing a consolidated financial statement with subsidiaries is primarily based on the amount of ownership the parent company has in the subsidiary.There are however some situations where a corporate structure change may call for a changing of consolidated financials such as a spinoff or acquisition.As mentioned, private companies have very few requirements for financial statement reporting but public companies must report financials in line with the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).Companies can often use the word consolidated loosely in financial statement reporting to refer to the aggregated reporting of their entire business collectively.

While it appears that the intention of this amendment is to provide a temporary relief, like the MCA earlier did in case of companies with no subsidiaries but only associates and joint ventures.

Because the parent company and its subsidiaries form one economic entity, investors, regulators, and customers find consolidated financial statements helpful in gauging the overall position of the entire entity.

There are primarily three ways to report ownership interest between companies.

This will include evaluating their ability at present to generate and gather necessary information, the availability of financial information following the Indian accounting standards, alignment of policies of the investees to the parent company, additional resources in terms of accounting software and staff, increased scope of the engagement for the company’s auditors—and some of these requirements may require significant time and cost especially in case of large and mid-sized unlisted companies.

Consolidated financial statements are financial statements of an entity with multiple divisions or subsidiaries.

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