Could not get dependencies for project reference validating web site

So I sent my sample application to the customer and she duly spotted that the syntax of the old Version attribute that I was using was subtly different to what she had.

The key point was that I had Sure enough, it now failed.

NET) to focus on the application's use of binding Redirect.

To turn this feature off, remove the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!

NET 2003 and ran the application using this configuration file: All the EXE did was to do Assembly.

Load("My Library") and display the version of My Library.

Project NR) Next Next Dim APadapter2 As New DSComplaint Table User Table Adapter Dim APData Table2 As User Data Table APData Table2 = APadapter2. Server Variables("SERVER_NAME") "/cleaning/cleaningdetail.aspx? id=" nummer "") log.insertlog(Session("klant"), Now(), "Search Done", nummer) Next Next Clean. Delete Dubbel() ' Recurse into subdirectories of this directory. Get Directories(target Directory) For Each subdirectory As String In subdirectory Entries Process Directory(subdirectory) Next End Sub ' Insert logic for processing found files here. Open Text File(filespec, 1) ' Read line by line until end of file Dim tekst As String Dim soort As String = filespec.

Send Mail Message(Session("mailer"), cmmail, "", "", "Notification Request Search Done", "Dear " ape2.given Name ", " Request.

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