Crazy cat lady dating profile

So what would happen if I maxed out the crazy cat lady factor in my profile?

I found out — and even found a cat-loving boyfriend.

But his admitted ADHD was the kiss of death: He talked NONSTOP.

Will you die old and alone on your cat-piss-soaked couch in your cat feces-encrusted house? ” (And some people will die exactly that way – who is to say that’s worse than any other way? ” Wanting to draw this out so he could hoist himself with his own petard, I replied, “I do not understand your question.” Him: “Cat people tend to have a house full of cats.Since the question came from a man – and a new one I’d just friended twenty-four hours before – I was wary of it. No one says, “Have fun growing old alone with your motorcycles” if the man is single and enjoys tinkering with his bikes in his spare time – or even if he slavishly devotes himself to them at the expense of eating and finding a wife.Implicit in the question, at least in my mind, was, “Are you single? Because he’s a man, and men are allowed to have things they enjoy without being shamed over them. I liked them before I was aware of the idea that women were not supposed to like them, otherwise they would be considered sad, lonely, decrepit spinsters with no hope of ever finding love (read: a man) in this world. Look at any cat rescue group – the volunteers are overwhelmingly women.Male or female, however, animal hoarders tend to do a poor job of caring for their pets.Sanitation is often a nightmare: many of the animals die from malnourishment, and the owner themself might die from related illnesses.

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