Dating a fbb

The only fbb in my gym is the owner, and she's married to another bb.She's 45 (and I'd gladly bang her even if I'm half her age).The other (few) chicks come to do the usual girlish stuff like lifting 2-4 lbs weights, doing glute excercises and aerobic shit.well, if there is no fbb in your local gym... in big citys you will find enough gyms with muscular women. I know, this can be difficullt, I have an issue with the lack of self-acceptance of my attraction to muscle - generally this leads to inconfidence.

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She was huge,wearing a green thongish thing the last year I saw her, with permed hair, and did I say HUUUGE, incredibly ripped, but unmistakable Woman. I have fantasized about her many times, and hoped she would fall to the ground from exhaustion to give me an excuse to stop and offer to help her. But if you ask her, she might ride you like you have never been pounded before.She is a female bodybuilder with much bigger muscles than myself, and that's all well and good but... I was cycling through our initial banter to remember what we had talked about, and there was a section where she was talking to me about what she could do with her strength.I re-read a part where she said she can "crush my head" between her "rock hard thigh muscles".I get a sense that she is a dominating type, and though it was just playful fun, I'm a little nervous knowing that she is indeed capable of doing that to me. Dudes who find out how I work out saying "oh, I bet you could kick my ass!I feel like making sure that she was joking about that so that I can feel safe just incase we decide to take things to the bedroom. " Now, I might be able to, but that's not what I want to do.

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