Dating a federal prisoner

Name - There may be duplicate reports for common names such as "Robert Smith." Narrow your results by entering a state Age - The age displayed shows the inmate's current age.If the inmate is deceased, this is displayed under the "Date Released" column Sex - Displays the gender of an inmate Release date - Our results may show the release date for the inmate.To find an incarcerated individual, you only need a small amount of information.You'll need a: Instant Checkmate's inmate search can help you learn if someone is in jail.

Friends and family members may use this tool to easily find someone within the federal prison system.It's free, easy to use, and you can get results in a matter of minutes.An inmate search, also called an inmate locator or inmate lookup, is a searchable online database that can help you find a person in jail.An Instant Checkmate report compiles public records into one easy-to-read report.You could access information like: If you can't find someone — try using Instant Checkmate to reveal their whereabouts.

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