Dating a manipulator

In this digital age, we are constantly being bombarded by information that is irrelevant, time-wasteful, or agenda-specific.

Do yourself a favor and learn to filter out the crap.

These emotionally conflicting events brought our family closer than ever and truly made me realize that it is our duty to look out for, and help, our relatives through both thick and thin.

You are never too busy for your family – end of discussion.

If a friend raves about a new band or artist they are obsessing over, take the time to give their new album a listen.

If a close acquaintance can’t stop beaming when giving you a synopsis of a movie they recently saw, then make a note to watch it at some point.

Life more resembles an obstacle course than an open highway.

Then, whatever you do, don’t touch it for any other reason.When I do now see these friends though, we spend better quality time together than ever before.We go on adventures, try new experiences, have uninterrupted-by-technology discussions, and, as a result, still feel just as close.During the past year I lost my two remaining grandparents – it was a shit time.As this branch fell from our family tree however, a new limb sprouted when my eldest cousin got married.

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