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After 1925, all of the Coke bottles were intended to be green, but there was a brief time during World War II, from 1942 through 1945, when the lack of copper in the glass meant that the bottles were blue.If you asked four different Coca Cola bottle collectors what the term "antique Coke bottle" means to them, you most likely will get four different answers.Each bottle was embossed with "Biedenharn Candy Company, Vicksburg, Miss." Currently, there have been more than 16,000 different embossed Hutchinson style bottles located.You can see a picture of the Hutchinson style bottle by visiting a bottle identification website; scroll about halfway down the page to find the image.Coca-Cola was first served in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia.John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist, invented Coca-Cola when he combined a mysterious, dark liquid with carbonated water.These can be found in a number of glass colors: While value will depend a lot on the condition of the bottle, as a general rule amber bottles will command higher prices than the other colors.

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Each design is unique and collectible; however, some of the bottles are rarer, and therefore, more valuable than others.Ultimately, the company decided to go with the bottle designed by Earl R. Of course, a few alterations had to be made to Dean’s design in order to work with the bottling machinery at the time. Root submitted the altered rendition, Coca-Cola tested how the bottle worked at Birmingham and Anniston, Alabama; Augusta, Georgia; and Nashville, Tennessee bottling plants.Because the bottle up for auction is one that shows the city on the heel, and looks as though it was never used, experts believe that it is one of the rare original prototypes that came before the final design.These bottles were in common use for many types of soda and spring water from about 1880 to 1910.Coke was not the only company that used this type of bottle.

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