Dating earth synopsis

Suddenly, Jinx Madison arrives in his E-frame and begins firing on the last Neosapien E-frame, who is pursuing the retreating Resistance and Exofleet fighters into the forest.

De Leon turns and manages to shoot the radar array, rendering the E-frame blind and allowing the Terrans to escape.

Marsh insists that the squad's mission must proceed regardless of the possibility of a traitor.

He explains about the new GRAF Shield and tells the group, "The Exofleet will never be able to retake the Earth from the Neosapiens as long as that shield is operational." Their mission, he says, is to destroy the shield's main control center.

Shiva makes vague threats toward Xenobius should his shield not work but gives grudging permission for Xenobius to proceed.

GRAF units across the hemisphere power up and the rogue ship, now obviously an exofighter, is shortly crushed into one-tenth its former size.

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Marsala begins to explain the unlikelihood of their being tracked because of their use of a decoy, but Alec quickly silences him.Minister of War Typhonus enters and reports that his agents have discovered a planned rendezvous between Exofleet forces and the Resistance.Shiva briefly muses on whether the destroyed exofighter could have been carrying the Exofleet forces in question, and then asks himself if the fighter itself could have been a decoy.With the fulfillment of the one-year sentence that was substituted for the original death penalty, the squad reunites and gets back to work.At a Neosapien installation on Earth, General Shiva is silently watching a broadcast of Amanda Connor's show when an officer informs him of an asteroid approaching Earth.

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