Dating episode kelly zack

Deciding to explore his horizons for the first time since his breakup with Kelly, Zack starts dating a college girl whom he meets outside an over-18 dance club, The Attic.

Since Zack's new girl hangs out at The Attic, Zack asks Screech to make fake ID's for Screech, Slater and him so that they may meet .

Naturally, Kelly refuses to believe Zack when he tells her that Jeff is cheating on her.

Zack appears to have negotiated a great deal on class rings for the senior class, but it turns out he has been scammed.

When the gang take part in a student-teacher exchange program, Zack becomes principal, Kelly a History teacher and Screech and Lisa the gym teachers.

However, when Zack, Screech and Kelly clash over an exam, friendships are tested.

The gang forgets Screech's birthday and decide to throw him a surprise party in Mr. However, after being made Hall Monitor, Screech gets his revenge by sending them to detention, jeopardizing the party.

The school puts on a hip hop version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Zack and Jessie as the leads.

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