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The researchers analyzed data that spaned over 500 million years and included more than 17,000 marine animal species.They found that body volumes had increased by over five orders of magnitude since the first animals evolved.Modeling also suggested that such a massive increase could not have emerged from neutral drift from a small initial value.Fossilized 530 Myr Embryos Found in China - Fossilized embryos of a previously unknown creature have been found in southern China, dating back between 521 million and 541 million years, during the Cambrian period.

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Vari, Curator of Fishes in the Division of Fishes, Department of Vertebrate Zoology for 36 years died on January 15, 2016, from cancer.Brian Switek over at Laelaps explains the new analysis here.The main reason we were stunned was because we were learning of this fabulous discovery through the media, not directly from an academic journal. His concentration was in film and video, and he took extensive classes for them (including using broadcast professional cameras and Non-Linear Editing Stations). And as soon as scientists and bloggers got their hands on the paper describing Darwinius masillae the dissent started.

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