Dating gem razors

It is probable that their older brother, Frederick, had already come to the U. In any event, they settled in New York City and started a cutlery business.Considering their business success and place in safety razor history, In May 1880 Frederick and Otto applied for a patent on “new and useful Improvements in Safety-Razors.” This is the first use of the term “safety razor” that I have discovered. We were expert cutlery manufacturers before we invented the safety razor.” This also implies the razor was first made in 1875 A distinguishing feature was the shape of the razor frame or casing, which functioned as a “lather-catcher.” The razor was less expensive to make than some of complex hoe designs subsequently patented by competitors The 1880 utility patent expired in 1897.

His patent states the goal of his invention: With the guard in place , “…(peaceful or pacific razor) was illustrated in a German trade journal and said to be a new idea from England. in England and sold by Johann Christoph Roder in Leipzig, Germany.It was offered in a green-velvet-lined box together with a pair of leather strops, one black and one red, with the box fitted into a red leather case.On January 10, 1847, William Samuel Henson of Somerset, England filed for a patent showing a detachable comb tooth guard for a straight folding razor and another razor employing a similar guard “…the cutting blade which of which is at right angles with the handle, and resembles somewhat the form of a common hoe.” The handle was attached by screwing it into a tapped hole in a short forged blade.This may have been first patent for a hoe-type guard razor and one of the first razors to use a short section of a straight razor as a blade.

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