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One of the oldest manufacturers of firearms in the United States.Original Harrington and Richardson started in 1871 and was in existence until 1986.The markings say, Harrington & Richardson Arms Co, Worcester Mass USA PAT Feb 27, 1900. The gun was offered in .410 bore and featured a top lever break action, and 26, 28, or 30 inch barrel. With the .410-44 marking, your gun was made between 19.Woodstock and the breech is interesting as the upper stock has a pivot point that when you the release to the left or right it separates about 4 inches before the hammer. For your gun, the following current Blue Book values apply.Retail prices may be 20% higher: New in box/perfect --100% condition - 5 Mint condition --------98% condition - 5 Excellent condition -- 95% condition - 5 Very Good condition -- 90% condition- 5 Very Good condition ------ 80% condition - 0 Good condition ------------70% condition - 5 Good condition --------------60% condition - 0 . Please remember to accept / rate my answer favorably if you were satisfied with my assistance.Without that, I cannot be compensated by Just Answer for my work on your question. H&R's corporate office is now located with Remington and Marlin in Madison, North Carolina, while the production facilities are at the former Remington plant in Ilion, New York.

2016 AD: To enhance our community's aggregate through multi-platform metrics of media synergy catalyzing integrated outcomes of macro-disciplines toward inclusive methodology paradigms generating positive algorithms of unwavering commitment to our children, the flag, and God. I just shot a round of skeet with mine a couple of weeks ago. I ended up having to punch out the pin first to remove the barrel, then work the handguard off. Old steel....short chambers, tight chokes made for paper shells..opening up chambers ... I have 3 or four Iver johnsons...410' federal less velocity over win. See separate listing under New England Firearms (NEF). First Model Hand Ejector Model 1 Double-Action Revolver Model 2Knife Model Model 922 First Issue Target Model.22 Special Expert No. A./Model 195 Single-Shot Match Target Pistol H&R Handy-Gun (rifled barrel) Curio or Relic H&R Handy-Gun (smooth bore) NFA, Curio or Relic H&R manufactured "private-branded" or "trade-branded" H&R Handy-Guns for other distributors.199 Sportsman Ultra Sportsman Defender New Defender.22 U. One variation has ESSEX GUN WORKS on left side of receiver.Having trouble figuring out an exact identification of the model and manufacturing year. It has a 26 inch barrel, and is chambered for 2 1/2 inch shells. the side of it does have the patent date info on it, from what I've found that is supposed to help narrow down a date since they stopped putting that on at one point. Later H&R singles needed the retention screw under the forearm and the forearm spacer unscrewed to get the barrel off. And: 211 BC: I swear by Jupiter Optimus Maximus ....Earlier ones had a couple different arrangements but generally needed the hinge pin driven out. in the army of the consul Gnaeus Fulvius Centumalus Maximus and for 10 miles around it I will not steal anything worth more than a denarius in any one day. Board=1&page=1 211 BC: I swear by Jupiter Optimus Maximus ....

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