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All Pendletons made after 1908 have square corners. Serious vintage blanket collectors seek pre-1942 blankets.In 1942 all mills were converted to war use and no Indian blankets were made for the duration of the hostilities.Racine Woolen Mills – Racine, Wisconsin – Racine made remarkably beautiful blankets and marketed them as the Badger State line.They specialized in fancy Indian shawls – in other words, fringed blankets.

Also, many Indians used blankets as burial robes and some tribes continue this practice today. Lauren comes to mind) prefer blankets that show years of very hard use. Since Pendleton blankets are still being produced they can be quite tricky for the uninitiated.

The designs were based on the Oriental rugs popular in the eastern United States.

From that time forward the Navajo ceased making wearing blankets and wove only rugs for sale through the white traders.

Indian trade blankets are often referred to generically as Pendleton blankets.

While Pendleton is the only pioneer Indian blanket manufacturer still in existence, there were many companies that made Indian blankets. Capps & Sons – Jacksonville, Illinois – They were the first mill to produce Indian trade blankets – sending out their first samples on June 17, 1892. Capps & Sons label and also as the American Indian Blanket Mills.

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