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For many years collectors have been fascinated by the subject of old clocks.

Some are only interested in clocks made by a specific craftsman or made in a particular country.

Frederic Japy purchased some of few clock making machines in existence, brought them back to his native town of Beaucourt and proceeded to invent new ones in order to standardize the pieces and the quality of the production The workers were then regrouped into one location instead of being scattered throughout the countryside and each one was assigned to a specific work post with its own specific machine.

The sequential production of parts in one location - a manufacturing plant - aided by machines meant that clock parts were made and assembled in about half the time that it had taken previously. Production schedules were now established by the plant owner and not by the local artisan.

In clockmaking - Japy's enamel dials became the standard for the great majority of clock manufacturers for 150 years both in France and abroad.

There are few French carriage clocks in existence that do not have Japy enamel dials on them.

In 1806, he handed the direction of his businesses to his three sons - and it became Japy Frères (Japy Brothers)who, in turn, diversified the manufacturing to produce coffee grinders, typewriters, enamelware, kitchen utensils, office machines such as the first typewriters, refrigerator pumps, advertising signs and they invented more machines to transform copper and steel wires into elaborate hardware parts.

As with most French clockmakers, WWII basically decimated them Read more in this translated article on Wikipedia…

Jacques Japy thus placed his son in French school or "gymnasium" where he received an excellent education.

Frédéric Japy was apprenticed by Jacques Georges Frédéric Japy, his grandfather, in the profession of watchmaker in Montbeliard.

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