Dating know loser when youre

If your man is too good to flip burgers to provide for his family, then he’s a loser. Has he ever referred to a woman walking down the street as a “sl*t” because she’s in a short skirt?

Has he ever said, “I’d like to punch her in the face” about a woman he doesn’t like?

Get rid of him; he’ll only cause you trouble later.

Besides, you don’t want to get arrested because he’s a dumbass.

But if you’re strolling through the park or walking through the museum – or just having an average day – and he walks in front of you, then he’s a loser.

A man who always forgets his wallet, or who never has money because “he’s saving up” for something, is a loser and you should get rid of him.

I don’t care what the economy is like, you can always get a job at Mc Donald’s.

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Dillon graduated from Berkeley College with a degree in marketing.

She may be going through a rough time or putting on a show to get on your good side.

Look for common warning signs and carefully evaluate your date's situation to determine if she is a winner or a loser.

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