Dating muslim wont tell his family

But he knows for a fact I don't do stay at home mom.

I don't do cleaning 24/7 and I definitely won't be raising the children alone.

My husband and I met in Abu Dhabi and later moved to Morocco together, I am Canadian.If you want to stay together, your child will have to be Muslim, because it's simply not acceptable otherwise. He is his own person compared to those in his family, very kind and thoughtful and down To earth and gentle with how he treats people.I'm not saying it's totally right, but that is how it is. His family aren't the same, they wish he killed himself and left the house when they found out I was having a baby to him, his brother attempts to have very violent fights with him and his mum just wishes he was dead.We both have to decide what things are truly important, and what things are worth letting go.It is all about compromise, just like any other marriage, but then the cultural differences definitely create even more of a need to be flexible and understanding.

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