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During the Industrial Revolution, women’s wages were typically one-third to one-half lower than those earned by men.When they did marry—often to men they met at the factories where they worked—their income became a supplement to their husband’s.For centuries, families sought dowries to sweeten the deal of arranged marriages.In Japan, the geisha culture was built on financial transactions that often paid more for companionship than sex.Yet the alleged purpose of dating as we view it today—that being the pursuit of a supposed soul mate—is a relatively new construct. ” wrote the latter, and it was that idea—the pursuit of happiness—that had a tinge of the revolutionary.While concepts of love and romance have been around for centuries, the idea that they were foundational to relationships didn’t actually begin to take shape until the 17th and 18th centuries under the influence of Enlightenment thinkers and poets like Alexander Pope. This idea of happiness in life and relationships found fertile ground in the Industrial Revolution of the same time.

Here is a selection of sites that help those vegan sparks fly.Sugar daddy sites connect wealthy older men with young, frequently student loan-ridden women looking for financial support; some sites even offer free memberships to any female with a email address.In a time when statuses are settled over social networking sites and people are expected to sum up their deepest thoughts into 140-characters, it seems almost natural to turn to the internet for love.Machine-based production methods helped spur the rise of a middle class, and as wages began to rise, love could trump money in the search for a partner.People could now earn enough money to live on their own.

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