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I particularly love the Wonder Grove Kids channel (subscribe for free here) and this clip offers a fun way to teach kids why they should keep their hands to themselves.

If you want to make your own Social Stories but aren’t really the writing type, there are a lot of fabulous Social Stories apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet. If you’re going to purchase software to create your own Social Stories, this is the app I recommend.

I found a ton of No Hitting Social Story examples online, and they offer the perfect example of how simple or complex you can make them depending on your needs and how creative you are.

Here are my favorites: Free Download: The I Will Not Hit Social Story by Boardmarker is a very basic example of a Social Story that can be created on a computer with clip art. Paid Download () with Additional Tools: The No Hitting Social Story for Children by Teachers Pay Teachers comes with a color copy of a story available for download as well as downloadable desk cards for visual reminders. Free You Tube Clip: If you do a quick search on You Tube, you find a ton of social stories about common topics.

Going Potty No Hitting with Social Skill Activities I Can Calm Myself Down Sometimes I Get Angry Respecting Personal Space Is Really Important!

The intention behind Social Stories is to give a child something to rehearse so that she’s prepared once the situation described actually takes place.

It’s a paid app, and can be used to create visual schedules as well.

This is another wonderful tool to help you inexpensively create customized stories for your child with your own photos, text, and audio files, and you can email them to yourself in PDF format so you can print off a hard copy.

I often find free Social Stories are way too basic, but a site called Teachers Pay Teachers offers fabulous printable social stories with activities at an affordable price.

Here are some of my favorites, all of which are under !

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