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Actors Song Kang Ho and Lee Byung Hun are confirmed to star in a new movie together!“Emergency Declaration” (literal translation) is a term used in aviation that means to declare an emergency to make a landing when an aircraft is faced with a disastrous situation and normal operation is no longer possible due to the captain’s judgment.All Lang needed was a decent writer to bring was currently garnering the acclaim most films could only dream of, and would go on to become one of the most beloved and highly rated films of all time.

Of course, these weren’t meant to be gritty, realistic films. These were situations anyone could find themselves in, and that gives the films a troubling edge beyond the hokey one-liners, clunky exposition and acts of (usually) pointless heroism.As executive producer, Lang’s first task was to assemble his talent.Bringing legendary director Mark Robson on board to produce and direct was an excellent choice: in his long and varied career Robson had worked with the likes of Orson Welles and Val Lewton editing and directing more than 40 films; his were a safe and trusted pair of hands.Back in their university days, Yong-Nam and Ui-Joo were members of the rock climbing club.Yong-Nam confessed his feelings for her back then, but Ui-Joo rejected him.

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