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The guys I’ve gone on tinder dates with usually lived abroad and knew that this is a popular way of meeting singles in the West. ” The sexual connotation apparently stems from a 2001 movie (봄날은 간다) in which the female lead character uses the line to invite over her romantic interest. This is because the majority of unmarried Koreans live with their parents, so when it comes time to consummating a courtship, they don’t have the luxury of saying “let’s go over to my place for Netflix and chill.” They gotta go to the motel, which often have (wacky) theme rooms such as Hello Kitty, Hip-Hop, you get the idea.5 - DVD rooms are a thing, too. For the most part, Koreans like to keep their public displays of affection PG.7 - Curfews: my house, my rules!

Koreans aren’t very comfortable meeting a serious romantic prospect at a bar because there is stigma surrounding the notion of finding your future husband or wife while you were out drinking. If couples do meet online, they'll usually say they met IRL. Apparently the phrase is used more often in couples as a cute joke rather than with a person you're courting and hoping to get lucky with. Technically speaking, DVD rooms are DVD rental stores with personal viewing rooms. These pesky freedom limitations endured by most teenagers are still relatively common in Korea for those that live under the roof of mom and dad. From what I’ve been told, curfews are more applicable to women than men. So if your Korean honey needs to rush home by 11pm, you know why.8 - Coupledom obsession.

If you don’t mind flying to the other side of the world to meet you dream woman then, Korean Cupid is the place to be.

This site is especially popular among people who are looking for a South Korean girl for marriage (matrimonial). The free account exists out of creating a basic profile, looking for matches and sending messages to paid members.

Premium members have access to more features than the free accounts.

Maybe it’s because expectations from Korean women are sky-high. Korean men seem to be trained in the art and responsibility of being a boyfriend.

This is because, in a romantic scenario, the way a Korean treats and acts around a Korean individual isn’t necessarily the same he does so with a non-Korean person. These observations are more from an outsider’s perspective with a little help from Korean friends.

I talked with several young Koreans (straight men and women) in their 20s about their dating experiences.

This is a more serious version than Tinder or other free dating apps.

When joining 아만다 you’ll get rated based on you appearance.

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