Dating the era of lord ram

The third expert, Chelsea Rose, “an adjunct faculty member” from Southern Oregon University, is a historical archaeologist who says that the rocks have been dated to be 7,000 years old and that these are lying over a sand substratum that has been estimated to be 4,000 years old.

However, it’s not clear from the commentary what the dating methods and their error margins were.

A severe cyclone that occurred on December 23, 1964, is a case in point.

The panel of scientists that participate in a story may be experts in their own areas but they may not be specifically conducting scientific research on the topic of discussion itself – as Erin Argyilan admitted to this author in an email.

The video shows some unsurprising satellite images of a “chain of submerged objects running between India and Sri Lanka” about “30 miles long”.

Other than the comments from a person who seems to be the anchor, the video also contains some comments from experts.

Scientists have the added responsibility to stress the role of critical thinking, sustained inquiry and the revision of beliefs on the basis of evidence – the virtues enshrined in our constitution.

For a growing society, it is retrogressive to live in a state of constant denial of the real.

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