Dating the jjang from sang fanfic

He is a student of the Fashion Department at Jae Won High School and a skilled boxer.

Once enjoyed the bullying of the weak, Zack has since changed due to the influence of Mira who he is in love with and is now on good terms with both sides of Daniel Park.

Jin Sung has black hair that he can change to best suit his style of dress.

His hair is usually combed to the sides with gel, leaving a line on the right side of the head.

Even when in school, Jin Sung maintains a standard being a student in the Fashion Department, but he's not to be compared to Hong Jae Yeol in terms of these standards.

Eventually Jin Sung found a rather interesting box, one of the activities Mi was attending at the time, and as he had talent and liked it, he diligently trained to further enhance his talent for fighting style and may also be able to protect My Jin.At some point, he made a friend of Johan's while attending the same church he did when they were young.He had already talked about this with Yohan until later in the series, Jin Sung was well aware of his fighting potential since he was in the first and was also aware that Yohan also had feelings for Mi Jin as well.t/n: On an online community, there's rumors spreading that Dispatch uploading a report about Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil getting married and quickly deleted the report.According to the "screenshot" that was taken, the screenshot said: "[Exclusive] Great actor Kim Nam Gil and baby face beauty Jang Nara getting married in November after 7 years of dating" but in the screenshot, the picture of Jang Nara had another news company's logo on it.

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