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As you know, Barret and I are all about meeting local hotties and eventually getting them into the smush room faster than big Ronnie Ortiz-Margo from Jersey Shore.Most of the time we like to connect with girls on adult dating websites, but sometimes we venture out.This is yet another tactic used by scammers to try and get as much data from you as possible.Health, Wellness & Well-Being Listcrawler is terrible for another reason, and that’s the danger it exposes visitors to.

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Most of the links contained on Listcrawler are fraudulent, asking you to enter personal info repeatedly before gaining access.Once You’re Inside So, unfortunately, just like a majority of the escort sites we’ve experienced, the profiles are merely links to Backpage profiles, a popular paid escort site.Listcrawler seems to only offer third part profiles and doesn’t house a single one of them themselves.While this seems pretty straightforward, they hide an awful lot inside of their terms of service located on the same page.If you do your homework, you’ll realize almost instantly that Listcrawler is trying to get your data for a whole array of uses.

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