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The current delay in court proceedings only compounds the frustrations of the murdered teen’s family and those within the public who have been following her tragic story.The jurors in Johnson’s first trial did their job by rendering a verdict of guilty on the count of 2nd degree murder, but shenanigans by state prosecutors set the stage for Johnson’s conviction to be overturned by a Circuit Court Judge who not only appeared to be eager to set the Barnes teen accused murderer free, but made his displeasure with the state’ case known in open court by chastising prosecutors for his personal perception of a weak case against Johnson.Prosecutors were aware that evidence had surfaced impeaching Mc Cray’s testimony, but for some unknown reason the state failed to follow established discovery laws.

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The case file doesn’t have any new defense attorneys listed as having entered their appearance in the case, but the recent postponement more than likely centers around Neverdon’s recent public announcement that he will be running for the Baltimore City State’ Attorney post, and Johnson’s new legal counsel may have filed the motion for a new court date to allow the defense an opportunity to get up to speed on the merits of the case.

On cross examination the defense quizzed Mc Cray on his memory pertaining to the actual date of his allege encounter with Johnson.

When Mc Cray testified that Johnson had called him for help prior to Christmas, the defense poignantly exclaimed “no further questions” to highlight that Mc Cray’s testimony was suspect considering that Barnes had gone missing after Christmas on December 28, 2010.

That information was given to the Maryland State Police from the public, and even prompted authorities to question the young woman regarding her comment on twitter.

The state chose not to utilize that information as part of evidence in the trial for some strange reason.

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