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My apparent lack of interest in this thread business did not come out of an unwillingness to learn about its significance.

I have talked with several relatives (some are priests), all of whom espouse completely differing ideologies. The thread is an age-old symbol of caste superiority.

That is sadly a result of wrong interpretations of the Vedas over the years.

The Horse represents the inner ego that is to be sacrificed.

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I am posting this log for my son as he cannot even access your forums at all.

I sent him the Hi Jack This program and talked him thru it over the phone.

The Yajur Veda is nothing more than a detailed, graphic and gory animal dissection manual. Spiritual Balance Mama says, Now that is mostly polemic.

Nastheeka Iyer is simply taking things out of context. It does not call for an actual horse to be sacrificed.

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