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This article takes as its point of departure the Latin American genealogy of the idea, and brings it together with the ecological notion of 'edge' intended as a transition area between different systems.

By bringing transculturation and edge together this paper seeks to understand transculturation as a process in which human and non-human entities participate.

She leads Microsoft Research Outreach efforts at Data Science Institutions in US universities.

She co-chaired KDD Cup 2013 and partners with many academic and government agencies including NSF supported Big Data Innovation hub effort, a consortia coordinated by top US data scientists and expected to advance data-driven innovation nationally in the US.

As a teacher, she specialises in the development of place-based methodologies in the context of international and transcultural engagement and in research design.

The paper is structured in three parts: in the first one we frame our argument by providing a background to our understanding of counterculture and assemblage; in the second we introduce the beginning of permaculture in its historical context, and in third we propose to consider permaculture as an assemblage.

Vani Mandava is a Director of Data Science at Microsoft Research at Redmond with over a decade of experience in engineering teams designing and shipping software that in use by millions of users across the world.

She is passionate about enabling academic researchers and institutions develop technologies that fuel data-intensive scientific research using advanced techniques in data management, data mining, especially leveraging Microsoft cloud and AI platform.

Ilaria's work is grounded in cultural studies of design and focuses on design activism in cities in Italy and Australia.

To address how design generates forms of resilience and resistance to complex global issues such as precarity and civic ecologies, Ilaria has developed transdisciplinary methodologies that draw on activist, historical, ethnographic and place-based methods.

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