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Between the awful writing and the sacking of people who meant so much to the audience, I have to believe they just didn't give a shit.Muldoon was the hotter Austin, but Peck gave him a run for his money.

Billy Masters had a recent blind item about some co-stars hooking up and that the soap actress was a professional beard. it's not like the lunch was in LA with just the nominees; she would have had to have gotten to Vegas and other women not nominated ended up coming.She said he had plenty of other heirs: Ned, Dylan, Jimmy Ray Holt..corrected her on the name and said Jimmy Lee hasn't been around in years....What they did to De Freitas was awful, and then it just continued with Larry Bryggman, Scott Bryce, Martha Byrne...Do you suppose that was the only thing Austin got Bryan to give up?Carly was complaining to Edward about dragging Michael into ELQ business.

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