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I am working on a Visual Studio project that uses ASP. All has been going fine, until some changes were made to one of the database tables.After that, the Table in question was removed from the DBML database diagram, and the new version added back in using the Server Explorer.You can download it from and get a trial license if you want to take it for a test spin.Jim Wooley has a summary various Linq and Linq-to-SQL tools here: Damien Guard has a list of tools/resources for L2S here: Hope they can help you.As you probably know Microsoft started its journey in ORM land with 2 frameworks: Linq to SQL, a lightweight ORM with some nice features and good performance but tightly coupled to SQL Server and Entity Framework which started as an ugly beast but is now transformed into a good, performant Enterprise ready ORM solution.So Microsoft decided to stop investing in Linq to SQL and put al its effort in Entity Framework.#1 the best simple way: you can create a new dbml file and drag the related tables and it generates the code.#2 There's no built-in way to sync the dbml file/datacontext with the database after making changes (), but there are third-party tools that add refresh functionality to the Visual Studio L2S designer : One such tool is my add-in, Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools.

Foreign key relationships are not immediately always brought over if changes are made to existing tables.

The LINQ to SQL tools is the feature you must install.

For VS 2017/2019, you can find it under Check out the PLINQO site at have a look at the intro videos.

I has performed this change like that : 1) Creat a new column in database. 3) Now when i am building the project i am getting the complication error : Error 1 'Ai Live. Linq Chat Data Context' does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments D:\Ai-Media\Ai-Media\Ai-Live\Dev\VNext\Scs.root\Scs\Class Library\Live 111 42 Class Library Please response asap if anyone can help.

hi lasantha, According to your description, i would suggest you try the ways below to solve the issue about 'DBML not updating'.

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