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Second, Carpenter has her own show and is probably too busy.Spoiler below if you have not watched through season 4.I really like these Russian mob villains so far in season 7. Prediction: It seems Deb has FINALLY come to realize the good that Dexter does.

Hall’s new young girlfriend and check Vanessa Abrue’s pictures below.

I recall hearing that there were plans to revive the serious or have some sort of spin-off, but the producers were only interested if Jennifer Carpenter returned.

First of all, Deb is dead (maybe she'd return as Dexter's conscious much in the way Harry was).

I think Deb is going to start using Dexter's dark passenger skills in the homicide department. La Guerita is going to keep investigating the old BHB case and eventually find out who Dexter is and also find out that Deb has known and been using his skills.

Once she finds this out, being the selfish person she is, she will try to bring them both to justice to further her political career.

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